The profound medical simulation knowledge and the international expertise of the Accurate team allow the company to provide a 360° customer assistance for the developing and implementation of turnkey medical simulation centers.

Professional Team

Our engineers will support the customer in selecting the most suitable simulation solutions for his center: the technical knowledge, along with an international experience of the Accurate team are available for the end user at every simulation level. “Dynamism on finding solutions” and “Attention to the client needs” are the main features of our Team.


In addition to several scientific publications on the major journals, more than 30 simulation centers have been entirely designed and implemented by Accurate during the past seven years: these results attest to the extensive expertise gained by our team, both our technical and scientific level.

Numbers don't lieWHAT MAKES US SPECIAL?

Accurate S.r.l. consists of a professional team with unique expertise on international health scenario, capable of integrating scientific research, engineering design and implementation of innovative solutions in health and medical education.

30Simulation Centers
70Scientific Publications
22Therapeutic Areas
6Patents & Copyrights


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#simglabvillageVITS - a company specialized in offering medical training - dedicated a space for a #Simulation area where multiple workshops were conducted using our #AnatomageTable and other simulation tools. With its rich #Anatomy content, the Table attracted positive attention from the Society of General Surgery and Primary Care - and its members had a wonderful experience on visualizing human bodies through #3DCadavers.

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